Evergreen Montessori provides a prepared environment which allows children to develop at their own speed in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Special materials are designed to challenge understanding and correct errors. Montessori introduces children to the joy of learning at an early age and provides a framework in which intellectual and social discipline go hand in hand.

While children work at their own pace, the classroom is also a part of social development; in their daily activities children meet and talk with one another, discuss common problems and often spontaneously form into groups to carry out a task together.

Montessori Education enriches children in the total development of their personality- intellectual, social, emotional and physical during the fundamental period of their development.

The Montessori approach is based on the understanding that children must have freedom to develop-a-freedom achieved through work, order and self-discipline. Children develop order from the chaos of impressions that assails their senses each day, slowly but surely gaining mastery of self and environment. Through self-motivation and the interest of the work itself, and from exposure to both physical and mental order, the child acquires an “inner discipline.”

Montessori children have a great ability to adapt. Generally, if children have developed all aspects of their personality, they should have far less problems adapting to Kindergarten than children without a Montessori background.

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